Spare Parts Catalogs

Harley-Davidson, Inc. has graciously given us permission to provide digital PDF copies of the 1952-1969 Spare Parts Catalogs for the K-models and early Sportsters on our website - for the sole purpose of helping us restore our motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson retains copyright over these materials, and no reproduction or other use of these materials is permitted without prior authorization from Harley-Davidson, Inc.

Click on the cover of a Spare Parts Catalog to see a larger cover. Click on the PDF link (where available) to view/download the PDF copy of the catalog. We have just begun (Sept 2015) to digitize these catalogs, so please be patient - this is an all-volunteer effort, and it will take some time to get them all digitized.

Thank you to epinut and RogerM for lending us these documents.

Our interests stop at 1969, and so does our permission from Harley-Davidson to provide digital PDF copies.

Here are the covers - only - for the Parts Catalogs of the 1970's decade.

Few catalogs were available during the 1970s. The 99451-73 and -76 Supplements says “Use This Supplement With Catalog 99451-71”, so there may not have been any full catalogs between 1971 and 1976. The -76A full catalog may have been the last one that went backwards. For instance, the 1979 catalog only covers 1979.

If you have a 1970's Sportster, you will have to go shopping on eBay, or at swap meets, to find these catalogs. They do come up for sale, so keep your eyes peeled.