2018 – The Year In Review

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2018 – The Year In Review

Postby hennesse » Fri Jan 04, 2019 10:11 pm

The best way to see what happened on the OSKRG / harleyKmodel website during 2018 is to hie your way over to our home page, and look through the N.O.S. section. Yes, quite a lot happened.
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Lloyd at Mostly Ironheads has contributed a large number of Shop Dopes, now inhabiting our Literature section. The big significance is that a number of these contain engine fitting specifications for the K-models – information formerly not available elsewhere.

Lloyd also contributed a number of Instructions for various spare parts which are also in the Literature section. We still have a backlog of Shop Dopes and Instructions to scan and post on the website. Some of these were pretty greasy, so a lot of cleanup work is necessary. We hope to have the backlog eliminated by the end of January.

2019 – What's in Store?

OSKRG-East (Oley) – Jerry and Jack Raino, and Dave Hennessey will at the Hummer / K-model / Highlands Chapter vendor spot. Liquid Libations and Convivial Congeniality available. And the debut of Dave's 1954 KH phase one restoration.

OSKRG-West (Davenport) – The usual crew will be at the Raino-land Resort near the fairgrounds offices. Your photographer plans to make it this year, after being a no-show the last two years.

See you at one of these events. Look for some new signs directing you to the OSKRG vendor spaces!

Gallery – We have no good examples of 1963, 1964, or 1965 Sportsters. Yes, these were lean production years, but these bikes are out there! If you have a good example of one of these years, or know someone who does, email/PM the Site Admin, and we'll figure out how to get good photos of these bikes on our website.

Instructions – if you have any instruction sheets that came with spare parts, we want them – and now have a place to put them. Contact the Site Admin and we'll figure out the best way to get them on the website.

Keep building those K's and Sportsters – and keep asking questions and sharing information.
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