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Postby MTaylor » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:46 pm


Here are some cad plated shock parts I received back from Colorado Plating today. The price for plating these parts, including shipping, was $200. So far, I am pleased.

Our more local plater quit doing cad, and I've had issues with a barrel cad plater up north. The problem is their cad streaks badly the first time it gets wet.

This cad has a chromate seal. I believe this is the same process used by Colony, and if you've ever used their parts you know their cad is more durable than most cad plating these days.

The surface of this cad does not look fuzzy, like most cad. I believe due to the chromate seal. This company specializes in aircraft parts plating and does not use brighteners. The color is very good.
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