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Thanks Albert!

Postby jOe » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:43 pm

he Man Behind the Brand
Albert J. Dremel came to America in 1906 as a young and penniless Austrian immigrant with a head filled with innovative ideas and an intuitively adept mechanical aptitude. Throughout his lifetime, Dremel was awarded a staggering 55 patents for his inventions including the original gasoline-powered walk-behind lawn mower, a razor blade sharpener and the design for a small-scale die grinder.
After a brief retirement from his career as an engineering designer, Albert Dremel grew restless and founded Dremel Manufacturing Co. in Racine, Wis., in 1932. Albert’s premier product was the electric razor blade sharpener, which was so successful that it forced razor blade producers to cut their prices in half, ultimately eliminating the need for the device.

Without a booming product for his fledgling company, Albert Dremel moved quickly to design a new electric appliance that was more versatile than the single-use blade sharpener – a hand-held, high-speed tool he dubbed the Moto-Tool. The versatile new tool appealed to craftsmen and hobbyists alike.

It was compact, flexible and high-speed, offering an alternative to large, bulky power tools. The Moto-Tool was a great problem-solver, and proved to be the ultimate problem solver for Dremel – it established the revolutionary new industry of rotary tools and put Dremel Manufacturing Co. on the map. The new tool was so popular and useful, it was used during World War II to aid in the Allied victory. Seeing the success of his company, Albert passed away July 18, 1968.
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