Technical: Finishes
Various Authors

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1952-1956 K and KH


Park Parkerized
Cad Cadmium plated
Chrome Chromium plated
Polish Polished
Black Painted black
Silver Painted high-temp silver
Color Painted the same color as tank and fenders
None No finishing required
NOTE: REP PART# is merely representative
REP PART# DESCRIPTION 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 Sources
27020-40 Inlet pipe only Note 1 Note 1 Cad Cad Cad MS, Palmer
27039-48 Inlet pipe nipple Cad Cad Cad Cad Cad MS, Palmer
27045-32 Inlet nlpple rivet Park ? Park ? Park ? Park ? Park ? MS
27052-40 Inlet pipe packing nut Cad Cad Cad Cad Cad MS, Palmer

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