Technical: Finishes
Various Authors

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1952-1956 K and KH


Park Parkerized
Cad Cadmium plated
Chrome Chromium plated
Polish Polished
Black Painted black
Silver Painted high-temp silver
Color Painted the same color as tank and fenders
None No finishing required
NOTE: REP PART# is merely representative
REP PART# DESCRIPTION 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 Sources
34606-52 Gear shlfter foot lever Cad Cad       MS
34606-54 Gear shifter foot lever     Cad Cad Cad MS
34609-52 Gear shifter foot lever rubber Black Black Black Black Black MS
34628-52 Gear shifter lever arm shaft Cad? Cad?       MS
34628-54 Gear shifter lever arm shaft     Cad Cad Cad MS
7752 Gear shifter foot lever nut Cad Cad Cad Cad Cad MS
7040 Lockwasher Park Park Park Park Park MS
4012 Gear shifter foot lever bolt Cad Cad Cad Cad Cad MS
7036 Lockwasher Cad Cad Cad Cad Cad MS

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