Technical: Wiring

Here are some wiring diagrams

1952 Model K Wiring Diagram (PDF - 1mb)
1954 Model KH Wiring Diagram (PDF - 2mb)
1957 Sportster Wiring Diagram (PDF - 2mb)
1959-1962 XLCH Wiring Diagram (PDF - 1mb)

The book, Operation, Maintenance, Parts Listings & Specifications is available from your Harley-Davidson dealer, under Part# 99414-93 for about $45. It covers the Lightweights, K/Sportsters, Big Twins and Servi-Cars. Of interest to us are the included 1952 K, 1954 KH, and 1957 Sportster Rider Handbooks, and a 1957 Parts Catalog. There's also Lightweight Rider Handbook and Parts Catalog, a Big Twin Rider Handbook, and a 1957 45, 61 and 74 Parts Catalog.