Dallin McLeod - 1952 K
52 K 1549

When my son was born, his grandfather bequeathed him his 1952 K, saying "Your son need his own Harley". That was December 26, 1997. It had the early 52 frame, and the original motor with a low-1100s serial number. It was missing a few things but the bones were original. The left motor case had two previous old weld repairs in the transmission area, and I found another after stripping the cases clean ultrasonically. I started working on what I had, and collecting the many hard to find parts.

In December 1999, my son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. I sold our other bikes, but put this one in storage while Dallin was on chemotherapy. My son survived, and he will be turning 26 this December.

About 2010 I started finding parts for the K. It had the 19 inch rims when I got it but they were too thin after prepping them for rechroming. Dale Walksler from Wheels Through Time came through for me with two good used 19 inch rims. The Internet came into play making the hunt for parts much easier, and by 2017 I was geeting very close. At that time, I handed the project off to Lloyd at Mostly Ironheads in Ontario.

He found many that many of the parts I had collected were 1954 and later stuff. He had to replace most of the gears in transmuission, and performed hardness tests to ensure they were not the recalled early sets which were not hardened enough.

Lloyd got her done and I finished the K in time to unveil at a motorcycle show in Ontario called Oil and Ale, a display of vintage and chopper motorcycles. The bike belongs to my son, and it has not been officially registered for road use yet. It's just been ridden during events and late evenings down our lake front roads. You can also find it in last year's Revolution Motorcycle magazine.

Our K was painted bronco bronze metallic when we sanded down the tank and both fenders. Many years went by and when it came to paint her we went to Jamie at Savage Custom Paint in Orillia, Ontario [ Gordon Lightfoot's hometown -Editor ] Neither Dallin nor I liked the bronze look, and we decided upon the Rio Blue. We replaced the cracked cases with a very nice set I found in California.

The serial number is 52 K 1549. Ironically, the white one I saw for sale at Las Vegas had the next serial number after ours. I almost wanted to bid. It fits in nicely here with our other flatheads and my wife's vintage Honda collection. We are a moto family.

Your website was a great asset for me along the way. We have all grown up together so to speak. Our K is done and the mass of knowledge and pictures you have compiled is amazing.

Sean (Dallin's father)