Anonymous - 1954 KHK

The owner of this original, un-restored, but repainted sheetmetal bike is unknown. Scott Lange sent in these photos quite some time ago.
Close examination of this bike gives us some insight into finer points of 1954 KHs.

The Legend Begins (TLB) lists 1954 production as 1579, which would make the last one off the line serial 54 KH(K) 2578 or 2579. Unlike other years, where TLB supplies a detailed breakdown of individual models, for 1954, it only provides a single number each for OHV, KH, and Model 165. No racers of any type are reported. It is quite likely that at least a few KHR KHRM KHRTT models were made, and this would bump the serial numbers up that many.

The photo “Left Side” does not show the frame neck clearly, but after fiddling in Photoshop, it appears that the frame neck is not a welded re-rake job, but a smooth casting. This is as expected, as we believe the -52A frame, with the new -52A head casting, appeared at motor number 54 KH 2250.

The photo “Left Motor Close-Up” shows the “leg” of the 66224-52A Battery Carrier, indicating this motor may have a trap door transmission. The oil tank has the feed line at a 45° angle, so it is a 62507-52A. The fitting on the crancase is 90°, but the 1954 Spare Parts Catalog says that the 63539-54 Oil Line Elbow 45° (on right crancase) is Used On “Later 1954 KH”. Perhaps the factory was using up older parts.