Edward “Murph” Murphy - 1959 XLCH


Murph's original paint 1959 is an excellent example of an early XLCH. His bike has a couple of period modifications. First is the dual carburator setup, sold as a kit by racer Larry Schaeffer. The second is the tachometer, which wasn't available until mid-1962 - pre 62 XLCH  4044 magnetos did not have the tach drive. So this bike features a custom tach drive connecting to the engine sprocket. Besides those two mods, it looks just like it did when it came out of the factory.

1959 Factoids – The front fender struts changed from the full-length ridges to the shortened ones sometime in mid-1959. Clutch and brake cables changed from cloth-covering to vinyl-covering sometime in mid-1959.

More Factoids – Early XLCH Laconia Bars had a very small spacing between the horn button and the handgrip ring. Early XLCH clutch levers had an 18° offset on the perch - but the front brake lever did not.