Patrick Cristofaro - 1959 XLH

I live about 30 minutes from Zurich, Switzerland. I own a number of Sportsters, including a 1975 XLH, a 1975 XLCH, this 1959 XLH, a 1969 XLH (Sparkling Gold), and a Swiss Army Condor 580 from 1949.

The 1959 XLH was imported into Switzerland in 2013 from Lenhartsville PA and has been completely restored and outfitted with many new old stock parts. Spokes were sent to the USA for cadmium plating, the motor case was matched with identical serial number, and water jet cleaned.

Thanks to the K model page, I was able to implement a lot of information and tips on restoration. Original color sample Skyline blue was sent to me by John Pierce. After that we were able to mix the exact color and chase the individual parts. Only CP bolts were used according to OEM. I was also able to organize the nacelle. The hardest of all was to find was the KPH speedometer.

This great bike was brought to life with a lot of love. Special thanks you goes to the memory of Jim Black who has actively supported me over the years. My friend passed away before the end of the project.