Restorations, Survivors, and Originals

Early 1970s Sportsters
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The 1970s saw significant changes for the Sportster. In 1970, a longer frame appeared, and the XLCH's magneto disappeared. Otherwise, the 1970 and 1971 models were not too different from their late-1960s counterparts. But then, in 1972, the venerable 900cc engine was supplanted by the 1000cc version, and major changes were soon in store.

While our interest in the “classic” Sportsters ends with 1969, here is a smattering of well-restored or well-preserved examples from the 1970's decade.


Note: Spagnolli's XLH has the XLCH tank on it, while Hennessey's XLCH has the XLH tank on it.
You could order either bike with either tank.