Richard Spagnolli - 1970 XLH

“My first bike (new) was a 1970 Sportster just like the current one. Here's a photo of me at Dante's View in Death Valley in August 1972. I trailered the bike to Death Valley. What a great experience.”

About ten years ago I decided to look in earnest for a 1970 Sportster to restore. Knowing that most of these bikes were chopped during the late sixties and early seventies chopper craze, I didn't expect the difficulty in finding one in close to stock condition. I found one on eBay about four years ago at a reasonable price. But the bike stayed parked in the garage until my 14 year old grandson asked when are you going to restore that Sportster. That was all the incentive I needed. And I told him the Sportster would be his someday soon. He is 16 going on seventeen and will soon have his motorcycle license and be riding his Honda CL 175 which I purchased for him two years ago. Better to start on this bike rather than the Sportster. I started on the Sportster and wonder how I survived!

Richard brought his gorgeous 1970 XLH for AMCA “Virtual Judging” at Oley 2017