Warren and Shawn McQuiggan - 1953 K 2196

My name is Shawn, My father Warren sent you pix of our 53 K we acquired, he lives in Philadelphia I live in Bristol PA, this bike and a 1972 Sportster was given to a friend of mine by his co-worker who had become ill. I was told the K had been used for years to inspect the fence line on the family farm upstate, so it had been ridden hard,then parked either in a back porch or shed, I can't recall which.

My friend sat on the bike for nearly two years, he had contacted me when he got it looking for advice knowing I've built a few vintage bikes including iron head sportsters (I own a 72 iron head and 77 Motoguzzi 850 and a somewhat ratty 1948 dodge I drive) I told him I'd help any way I could to get it going, fast forward a couple years and I get a call saying I had first dibs, hmmmm I'm a broke truck mechanic.....HEY dad has some antique rifles let's see if we can deal. We made the deal, early 50s Russian rifle for the K.

Then we got more! I spent 2 hours hanging out with my bud and his dad talking art, his newly acquired 51 ford panel and bikes. Then they said “You wouldn't by chance want this sportster stuff too?” Um....yeah! So we got a bunch of goodies too. The next day I had the K running (see attached video), so now a pile of parts have been sourced and bought, and the restoration is set to begin. My goal is to ride this bike, I'm not a fan of garage queens, I'm looking forward to this build, it'll be my first vintage motorcycle restoration. My dad and I have been reading your site since we got our K and I'm finding it'll be the details that will make me crazy-er.