Old Sportster and K Model Research Group

Davenport 2016

Each year, the Chief Blackhawk Chapter hosts the largest antique motorcycle swap meet in the entire galaxy. A huge number of volunteers put forth a tremendous effort. But there's one person who's been the driving force behind Davenport, year after year after year, and she is Wanda Schumacher. Thank you Wanda, and the entire Chief Blackhawk Chapter for 45 years of Davenport Swap Meets.

The OSKRG again gathered at Jerry and Jack Raino's vendor spot. The weather was beautiful - warm and sunny, so the Old Geezer Cooling Center was out of business - everyone was out searching the vendor field most of the day.

Meanwhile, out at the swap meet, just about everything your little heart could desire was up for sale - assuming, of course, that you brought fistfuls of cash. The researchers found three K/KH horn trumpets, several cool exhaust systems, Swiss Cheese horns, and multitudinous hard to find parts. The parts were there, prices were high, but the parts were there! And several complete K's were on the block.

1970-1971 “Boat Tail” Fiberglass Seat – These both appear to be 1970 models. The 1971 version had a Harley-Davidson chrome-tone nametag under the red reflector. The gold one, seen recently on eBay, does not have the license plate lamp. The orange one does. The license plate illuminator might be the same one used on the 1965-1969 Corvair - it mounted under the rear of the trunk lid. The tail light looks like it was used on some 1960's GM car - any guesses? Unfortunately, neither vendor had the oddball fender which is peculiar to the boat tail seat.

60303-52(A) Chain Guards – The top chainguard is missing a bit off the front, but it has the inner reinforcement, and looks like A 60303-52A. The bottom one does not have the reinforcement, and is, I think, the 60303-52. The 1953 (October 1952) Spare Parts Catalog shows the -52. The 1954 (June 1954) SPC shows the -52A. But there's 21 months between those two catalogs.
Questions: Is this correct? When did it change?


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