Old Sportster and K Model Research Group

Oley 2016 – The OSKRG may have started a new tradition - OSKRG-EAST - at the Perkiomen Chapter's National Swap Meet in Oley, Pennsylvania in late April.

The OSKRG participated in an AMCA first - the trial run of “Virtual Judging”. The guinea pigs were Jim Garrett's original paint 1954 KH, and Dave Hennessey's 1962 XLCH. Jim handily won a Junior First award with only a few points off for a replacement seat and scratched gas tank, and is headed for the Winner's Circle. Dave's Barnster® barely squeaked by into a similar award.

Dave Carlton has been championing the “Virtual Judging” idea for some time, but only recently came up with the necessary audio/video conferencing technology. After some test runs between Dave and Don's garages, AMCA Chief Judge Don Druzick decided to schedule a live test at Oley.

At any given AMCA meet, the judging expertise available may not completely coincide with the bikes entered for judging. While Harley Big Twin and Indian experts are readily available, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for other marques, such as K-models, Sportsters, Harley Hummers, Bathtub Triumphs, Cushmans, Servi-cycles, and many others may not be.

Using a smartphone, an on-site judge can send an audio-video feed to a SME sitting at home hundreds of miles away. The remote SME can then render an opinion back to the on-site team. The technology could be extended to include several SMEs at different locations. SMEs at home may consult books, manuals, and Internet resources not available to the on-site judges.

In this test run, Dave Carlton judged bikes in Pennsylvania from his home in California.

“Virtual Judging” can not replace the eyes and ears of experienced on-site judges. One problem is that it extends the time required to examine a bike, and time is already a problem at most meets as judges struggle to get through the field. Judiciously used, “Virtual Judging” can supplement on-site expertise to provide better judging, particularly for the less-represented marques.

OSKRG-ers in attendance were Jerry Raino, Jack Raino, Dave Benassi, Paul Benassi, Joe Streett, Jerry Jackson, Dr. Dick, “Model H”, Brian Kane, Chris Kreuter, Pim, Dave Hennessey, and virtually, Dave Carlton.

We gathered at several different places during the meet. Jerry and Jack Raino's camping spot was the locus for Brats and Beer and serious research. Dave H's Harley Hummer Club vendor space provided Burgers and Beer, and a sales venue.