Old Sportster and K Model Research Group
OSKRG - EAST - 2018

Oley 2018OSKRG-EAST returned to the Perkiomen Chapter's Swap Meet in Oley, Pennsylvania the last weekend in April. And what a weekend it was! A downpour dampened the swap meet on Friday, but, as you will see, the OSKRG spirit transcends minor weather anomalies.

Stan Diener and Judy Miedwig hadn't seen each other for 20 years. Judy fell in love with Stan's 1954 KH when it appeared the cover of the Fall 1990 Antique Motorcycle, and she just had to have one of her own. Once she found one, she relentlessly pestered Stan with questions, and Stan patiently guided her through her restoration. Once it was finished, Judy started showing off her KH at the AMCA meets.

OSKRG-ers came from far and near. Mike and JoAnn Walker took the Long Distance Award, flying in from Wenatchee, Washington. Paul and Dave Benazzi, and Chris migrated from Minnesota. Ohio was well represented by Stan and Sheri Diener and Gary and Patty Myers . Dr. Dick and Joanne represented New Jersey, while Brother Mark (Pennsylvania) took the short distance award.

Two of our newest Forum members, bubbalowe and Nighttrain00 stopped by and successfully gave the secret password.

Serious OSK research was performed by brothers Mark and Doctor Dick. An XLCH high pipe was found, but exactly where the muffler goes confounded them. Like brothers always do, they agreed on everything...

The OSKRG again participated in AMCA “Virtual Judging”. Edward “Murph” Murphy provided his original paint 1959 XLCH as this year's guinea pig. AMCA Chief Judge Don Dzurick lead the on-site judging team, while Dave Carlton participated remotely (via Skype audio/video) from California. Stan Diener, Denise Gross, and Dave Hennessey rounded out the judging team.

Murph's 1959 XLCH has an unusual V-twin configuration that baffled the judges at first. Click the picture to find out more about this magnificent machine...

Out in the vending field, numerous Sportsters were spotted. They quickly hid under tarps when either the rain started pouring, or when the OSKRG photographer approached with his camera. One 1964 XLR was just too slow to escape, and was captured.

The OSKRG has a time-share on Dave Hennessey's Multi-Club Meeting Place (MCMP), along with the Harley Hummer Club, and the AMCA Highlands Chapter. Dave carefully picked the MCMP space at Oley because it features shade trees (for the occasional appearance of sun), good drainage (for the more frequent occurrance of rain), proximity to the fire-building and late-night partying Neshaminy Valley Chapter, and most importantly, good-looking neighbors.

Our next door neighbor, Jonna Royer posed with her younger daughter for the OSKRG photographer last year. This year, Jonna, sporting a stylish new coiffure, posed with a 1952-53 K-model gas tank. We still can't pick our relatives, but we think we've mastered picking our neighbors. Besides that gas tank ($600), see what other neat stuff Jonna and Steve have for sale.