Old Sportster and K Model Research Group
OSKRG - North - 2018

St. Paul 2018OSKRG-NORTH at the Viking Chapter's Swap Meet in St. Paul, Minnesota in mid-June.

The OSKRG again participated in Virtual Judging. GaryM2's 1957 XL (more photos here) was the virtual guinea pig. The judging team included Dave Carleton in California, Jerry and Jack Raino who were on-site in St. Paul, and several local judges. This was Gary's XL's first judging, and he scored a solid 88 points. Something new in AMCA judging (although we can't find it in the published Judging Guidelines) is a 6 point deduction for wrong voltage. Gary's bike had been converted to 12 volts. Gary's got the correct generator and regulator, so he just needs to fix one other point to get Senior First next time.

One of our favorite kind of motorcycles graced the display. Notice the For Sale sign. Does anyone know who owns this baby?