Literature: Eindhoven Police, Nederlands

Malte found these photographs in a book entitled “Harley-Davidson in Nederland”. These three pictures show the Police Motorcycle Squad of the city of Eindhoven in The Netherlands on KH models. The captions below are from the book.

“Harley-Davidson in Nederland” (ISBN 90 9000 581 1), ©1983 by Hans van Drie and Gerard vd Akker. Distributed by: Big-Twin Productions, P.O. Box 256, 4100 AG Culemborg, The Netherlands

The entire Eindhoven Motorcycle Squad in 1956. Beside the 45 cu.in. models, KH-900's were also used and later on the Sportster. Einhoven is one of the cities where the Harley was kept in service for the longest period of time.

Officer Plat with the old harbormaster in Huizen. The Harley is a KH-900 with a Hollandia sidecar.

Here the police of Eindhoven provides for an escort during the visit of Emporer Haile Selassie of Ethiopia in 1954.