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Postby hennesse » Fri Mar 31, 2023 11:05 am

There are two new pages in the Technical section:

Nameplates and Transfers - This page shows all the "emblems" and "decals" used on K and Sportster gas tanks and oil tanks

Patent Decals - ALL the patent decals used on Harleys from 1915 through 1963. This page can be accessed via the Nameplates page.

These two pages are also "mobile-friendly", meaning they display nicely on smartphones as well as desktop computers. Our website was started before smartphones ruled the world, and now, almost 10 years later, we're a bit behind the times. We are now starting to convert all our pages to "mobile-friendly", but there are hundred of pages in our website, and it's gonna take quite some time - so please be patient.

You can see one non-mobile-friendly problem on these two pages - if you touch (or "finger") an image to enlarge it, and then turn your smartphone 90 degrees, the larger image is in the wrong place. The program that creates and locates the larger image is going to take some major rework to correct, so again, we ask for your patience.
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