Why do PMs I send stay in "Outbox"

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Why do PMs I send stay in "Outbox"

Postby hennesse » Thu Jan 21, 2021 2:45 pm

When you send a Private Message, it stays in your "outbox" until the recipient reads it. The recipient gets an email saying "You have a new private message", but then the recipient has to login to the forums, go to their User Control Panel, and go to their message Inbox.

A better way is to just email people instead of PM. When they get the email, they don't have to do any additional work - the message is in the email.

On each post, next to the PM button is an email button. Also, if you click the user's name, you will go to their profile page, and there's an email link there too.

Email button on a posting
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So why have PMs at all? Some forums do not allow email addresses to be shown for privacy reasons. Consider an Alcoholics Anonymous forum. But for forums (fora?) like ours, we're asking people around the country/world for help with our bikes, so we probably do want people to contact us.

Long story short - We recommend using email instead of PM.
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