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404 Not Found - Christmas with In-Laws

Postby hennesse » Thu Dec 24, 2015 8:34 pm

Christmas at the in-laws – mom-in-law is congratulating herself about how moist the turkey is, ISN'T IT EVERYONE?, and WHEN are you going to give us some grandchildren? Brother-in-law is bragging about how much money he makes in his new job. Sis-in-law is expounding the wonders of becoming a VEGAN (no turkey for me thank you – that is sooo cruel). Aunts and uncles-in-law are fighting about religion and politics. Grandpa-in-law is drooling all over himself. Various kids-in-law are emitting various high-pitched shrieks. Dad-in-law just raves how wonderful it is to have the whole family here together…

You are about to go stark raving bonkers!

WAIT – you just need a break from this madness. 404 to the Rescue! Wrestle the computer away from those stupid nieces and nephews, and type in: www.harleyKmodel/anykindofcrap - and you'll get our 404 Page. 404 gives you a chance to travel back in time to the braindead 1980s of yuppies, MTV and Reaganomics. 404 gives you mindless entertainment. 404 will flip its own lid so you won't have to.

404 may just save your life…

You should never see a 404. 404 just lurks in the background, waiting for you to click some dead links which your slovenly webmaster has left in the website. Whenever a page is "not found", WHAM - you get hit with a 404. Once you've recovered from the shock, you'll find that 404 is really not such a bad thing after all. Heck, 404 might just be your new found best friend. You might even want to visit 404 on purpose.

Merry Christmas!
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