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Postby xlh59 » Thu Dec 02, 2021 6:30 am

Hi to all,

time for an update ... unfortunately the float level did not cure the problem. It made the overall "behaviour" much better, but still no running bike. After some playing around I did get very consistent response from kicking, but the engine still did´t start. :?
Anyway, now the plugs have been wet after several kicks (as with my XLH) but I noticed, that the carburetor was covered with fuel on its top (around the throttle body). Well, I just ignored it and continued kicking ... after propably 500 kicks and two cramps in the right leg I considered this as relevant :oops: . Looking in my compiled Linkert DC documents I found the hint of "untold problems" through leaking gaskets. OK, I need to take of the carburetor and dissassemble it to re-check everything. Remember that I brazed the new discharge ports to the throttle body, so a warped throttle body wouldn´t be surprising. And it was!

Next step was to face to throttle and carburetor bodies mounting surfaces. Luckily this was straight forward with my small lathe.
IMG_20211128_193202_530_small.jpg (418.61 KiB) Viewed 814 times

Then, yesterday I gave it another try -- my first 10 kicks with "stock" settings (idle mixture screw and idle speed) would be rather disappointing, so I stopped recording. Then I started to play around with throttle position and suddenly "wroooom" :D -- wow, what a sound, very stable idling (although a bit higher than normal) and a very nice throttle response. I stopped after one heat cycle due to heavy rain, but I will work on the carburetor settings to ensure consistent starting. I will compile a video of course, give me some time for that one.

Anyway I am very very happy and can assure you, that without the various inputs from all of you it would have put the bike back in boxes!

Maybe on more thought: As I needed to open the throttle a bit for starting -- was my idle mixture to rich or to lean?

Cheers, Ralf

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