p/n 29020-56 Air Cleaning backing plate

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p/n 29020-56 Air Cleaning backing plate

Postby Cave's OSC » Sun Apr 11, 2021 7:36 am

Looking for the 'coned' backing plate without the rivets for the center hole cover. Also p/n 29029-56 The support bracket. These parts fit the 1956 KH models and are parts only used on the KH models.
Cave's OSC
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Re: p/n 29020-56 Air Cleaning backing plate

Postby Jimtoo617 » Mon May 03, 2021 11:48 pm

There have been a couple on evilbay this week for both versions. The earlier version backing plate with the studs on it, and the smooth for the center screw. I found a reasonable priced early model and all but one stud is broken, which is fine. If they’re missing you can use the 56 part that bolts on the carb and allows you to use the later cover. Price was the motivating factor, the guy wanted $300 for an original 56 and the earlier version is more readily available and cheapish. I’m thinking of rolling a sheet metal cone and small box and just make the 74 style into a K model style. All the hardware is available, I bought it and 4 air cleaner screws and locking plate, Colony I think.
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