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52-55 Taillight Lens

Postby hennesse » Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:47 pm

OK folks, here is a nit-picky little item about the 1952 to 1955 red taillight lens.

The K/KH and Model 125 parts books list the red lens as 68091-20 (pre-1951 part number 5054-20) - similar to those used on early Harleys up to about 1938. In 1948, Harley started using this lens on the Model 125, but these lenses had "H-D 125" embossed at the "point" of the lens, and were used on the 1948-1952 Model 125, and 1953-1955 Model 165.

The "H-D 125" embossing is pretty hard to see, so you'll have to look carefully. These lenses are pretty hard to find these days.

The 1952-1955 Model K and KH also used the "bullet" taillight, and listed the same part number for the red lens. My 1954 KH came with a "H-D 125" lens on it, and the cracked one in the boxes of parts also has that. I suspect that all the 1952 to 1955 K and KH came with a "H-D 125" lens. Is this true? If you've got a pretty original bike, or a stash of NOS parts, could you take a look at your red taillght lens?

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