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Small Gas tanks for KRs

PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2020 3:03 pm
by hugoct
Small gas tanks for KRs
In late 1952 the HD racing department sent a letter to the AMA notifying them that riders were using the "125" tank on KRs.
Harley included an updated frame blueprint showing two holes drilled in the frame to accommodate the mounting of a 125 tank.
The 125 tank 61007-47 is 1 7/8 gallons, has a place for the ignition switch and an offset gas cap.
Period photos show the 125 tank in use on KRs in 1952.
To install the 125 tank on a KR the tank would have to be spread or a new tunnel installed as it will not fit the KR frame backbone.
The 1953 KR brochure validates the use of the 125 1 7/8 gallon tank but there is no record of the tank being available as an option from the factory.
In February of 1954 Harley Parts sent a Bulletin out that they would be offering a special small tank for the Ks similar to the 165 tank and with a 2.5 gallon capacity (actually 2.25) part number 61000-54.
That tank is listed as 61000-54 in the May 1954 "R" parts book, as 61000-54A in the December 55 and December 56 "R" parts books, as 61000-54B in the July 1959, October 65, and January 67 "R" parts book, and 61000-54R in the September 1967 "R" parts book.