Dr. Dick and Model H Weekend Shop Videos

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Dr. Dick and Model H Weekend Shop Videos

Postby Model H » Sun Mar 06, 2022 10:53 am

Joe and I spend most every Saturday at his place and work on these old bikes we love.

We started videoing the work and decided to post to my you tube channel (there are some Bonneville videos on there from years ago as well).

These are in depth videos featuring Dr. Dick freely sharing his decades of knowledge and experience on these bikes.

I have been hogging up the basement with my projects - I think I may be getting kicked out soon...

The latest is a a restored 59 XLCH that the original owner ordered with the big tank, saddle bags and two into one.

Guy who restored the bike was at a swap meet in NY, and saw this guy in his 70's walking around holding a sign "for sale 1959 HD XLCH, I bought the bike new". Guy buys the bike and does the restoration with plans on keeping it. Some shit goes down and he needs to sell it.

Presto - I am the third owner.

The working speedo showed under 800 miles since restoration, I rode the bike around for a while and noticed a bit of smoke. Expert motor builder did the top end during the restoration. You can see some his fine work throughout the videos. Thankfully Dr. Dick has corrected all the experts work and we will have a bike that will perform trouble free for years to come.

How did we get to welding cases and these videos you may ask?

I had a low speed/high damage accident on a 15 MPH hard left turn. Went off the road , hit a rather large rock, broke offending rock in half. Both the bike and I ended up in the middle of the road. 2" further to the right and I would've spared the cases.

Replaced both fenders and front wheel. The gas tank survived with just a scratch.

More to come, stay tuned....

If the link below doesn't work search you tube jomcnj

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYpCaE ... pp=desktop
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Re: Dr. Dick and Model H Weekend Shop Videos

Postby jebbesen05 » Thu Apr 13, 2023 9:43 pm

Love your videos! I've tried to read and apply as much as possible of Joe's stuff from the XL Forum to my Ironhead project. Recently had to start a second 3 ring binder of printed out Dr Dick info! I put in one of his kicker shafts, converted my 1974 XLCH to use a -67 dry clutch and did his whole routine on the kicker gear engagement. It's been a long term project that will hopefully be back on the road this summer. I've watched all your videos and am enjoying the current case repair ones as they drop. One thing I hope you guys cover eventually is a trans build kinda like his never completed transmission blueprinting thread. Keep your the good work. It'll help me not bug Albert so much with questions. :-)
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