1956 KHK coil and spark lead questions

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1956 KHK coil and spark lead questions

Postby ClintsMotorcycles » Thu Feb 11, 2021 7:13 pm


The coil on my 1956 KHK is not correct, although it does work. I think it is from a 60ish Ironhead.

Anyway, I have a 6V coil that I removed from a servicar. It 'looks' like the 31609-52 coil and from what I have read, Harley used the same basic coil, only with different spark leads under multiple part numbers.

The leads from the coil removed from the servicar are toast. The leads on the coil that is on the bike now may or may not transfer over to the servicar coil, but I would really prefer to use new, known good spark leads. I understand the drill about heating up the coil, pulling out the old and putting in the new wires making sure that they bottom out. I have never actually had to do that, but I think I can handle it. So, can anyone recommend a good source for replacement leads? They should be solid-core, non resister from what I have read. Thanks for any tips. I googled the part number of 31966-52 and did not get any relevant hits.

Regarding the servicar coil. When looking at it from the side that is away from the frame, which side is positive and which is negative? I see no markings on the coil.

Thanks for any advice.
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