Technical: Air Cleaner
Jerry Raino, “wz507”, “fiftysevenXL”, Jim Garrett, Steve Strohmeier,Dave Hennessey

Air Cleaner Cover

The round air cleaner cover grew to the 7-inch size in 1941, and was used on K/XL through 1965, big twins through 1966, and Servi-Cars through 1973. The “Ham Can” cover then came into vogue, starting with the 1966 Sportster, and then the 1967 Big Twin. Servi-Cars were spared the indignity of the ham can.

There are only three part numbers, although there are a number of variations. The J-slot cover is part number 29030-41. The Center-Hole cover is part number 29030-56. The Ham Can cover is part number 29030-66.

Much of this information cones from Bruce Palmer III's wonderful book How To Restore Your Harley Davidson
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From 1959 to 1962 we encounter some disagreement among the experts.

Dave Carleton (Sportster) and Bruce Palmer (Big Twin) disagree on the year of introduction of the “Service Air Cleaner” cover. This may simply have been a running change when stock was exhausted. It is also possible that excess “framed” covers were “used-up” on the lower production Sportster to allow a cleaner [pun intended] switchover for the Big Twins.

The change in the size of the letters on the “unframed” remains a mystery. Carleton and Palmer are silent on this. This is an area for further research.

Later Production and Aftermarket

Eagle Iron repro - these have the instructions on a sticker, and the ® has moved from the bottom left of the logo to the bottom right.

Aftermarket - varies. Originals have a steep-sided ramp that will hold the filter in place as you install it on the motorcycle. Aftermarkets usually have a weak ramp that will NOT hold the filter in place.