Technical: Magnetos
Dave Hennessey


Here are some Colt Industries documents. Fairbanks-Morse, which dates back to the late 19th century, was corporately restructured around 1964 to become Colt Industries, whose principal product was firearms. Colt continued the magneto business for some time.

In 1997, American Electric Ignition - OK purchased the ignition business of Fairbanks-Morse from Holley Performance (carburators). Holley, for some time, had been a part of Colt. AEI-OK sells and services F-M magnetos, and several others, including WICO. One of their customers is Morris Magneto.

I called AEI-OK, and spoke to Mike (1-800-654-3932 x2). He gave me a number of useful tips.

  • AEI-OK's point sets still have F-M on the movable points. Aftermarket (Chinese?) parts do not.
  • Repeated point pitting may be due to the rotor having lost some of its magnetism.
      The motorcycle (or tractor) may run fine, but the mag is working too hard, and consequently pits the points.
  • AEI-OK charges $5 to remagnetize the rotor (if sent by itself).
  • Use only solid core plug wires. Silicone wires do not work well at all.
  • Use the SXY2433 condenser (~.3mf) instead of the original AMXR2433 (~.2mf)

Editor's Note: AEI-OK's prices are -way- different if you call them rather than ordering off their web site. Pick up the phone.