Technical: Motor Mounting
Jerry Raino, Dave Hennessey

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Top Motor Mount - 1952 - 1956 K and KH

Here we have two different top motor mounts 16855-52 Motor support bracket. The “Early” example is unusual - it does not have the flat area in the center. This may have only been used in very early 1952. The situation is not clear at this time. [ Comments requested ]

Top Motor Mount - 1957 - 1969 Sportster

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Front Motor Mount - K and Sportster

There were only two changes in the front motor mount from 1952 to 1969. The 16210-52 Front motor mounting plate - right and 16213-52 Front motor mounting plate - left changed in 1956 to the -52A versions, which had a small slot (shown in the illustration) in each plate.

The K and KH use two 16237-52 Front motor mounting screws. The Sportster uses two 16237-57 Front motor mounting screws.

Rear Motor Mount - K and Sportster

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