Technical: Transmission Sprocket Cover
Jerry Raino and Dr. Dick


Dr. Dick's Notes

1967: For the 67 XLH a new casting was made, it had the top boss machined for the dowel pin *behind *the top bolt. So for 67 there were two covers - one for XLH and one for XLCH.

1968 - 1969: For 68 & 69 XLH the cover was changed to the moon pie. 68 & 69 XLH covers were still kick start ready. a chrome plug was installed if your bike was standard order. There was also a new moon pie cover for 68 & 69 XLCH (forward top pin)

1970: The XLH cover no longer was kick start ready, no bushing or spring stud.
The XLCH cover got the dowel moved to the rear.

After 70 the parts dept supplied the XLCH cover drill for both short frame cases and for the 70-only long frame XLCH. This cover cam on all the factory 68> XLR and XR too.