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Competition was very important part of Harley-Davidson's sales strategy. "What wins on Sunday, sells on Monday"
The K Model was quite successful in competition. Let's let Harley-Davidson tell the story.

Patrick Delli provided this brochure. His web site, Harley kr xlrtt has a wealth of information on competition K models.

Erik Hoopes and Joe Leonard Go Couch-Racing

I have long admired Joe Leonard, the famous motorcycle racer. One of his tuning buddies, Jim Carpenter, was a friend of mine. Jim always said I need to meet with him, Joe, and the boys for Wednesday night coffee. Jim left us, and the years passed. One day I called Joe and asked about a quick visit for coffee as Jim had suggested. “WELL - how long? I'm kinda busy...” “Well, just for 5 minutes so I can say Hi and shake your hand.”   “OK,” said Joe.
I left my home in Alaska at 5 am Tuesday, so I could drive to Joe's by Wednesday night.

So, I show up at his door - big guy, extra warm greeting, “Come on in.” I`m 235 myself and he appreciated the good arm on the handshake! I told him “We can arm wrestle later” - he liked that! I'm thinking: this can't be real - seeing all his trophies and pictures - I was in heaven. Well, since I've been a racer since 1974, we hit it off right away. We were couch racing like a couple of kids, and he had many stories, and I recounted my 7 Alaska racing Championships motorcycles, cars, adventures. The next thing you know, he brings out his two USAC Triple Crown rings for me to try on, and two USAC Championship rings. Well after about 5 hours I said, “Joe, I better get going, I don't want to take up your whole evening”. He said, “This was great, just like if Mario and the boys had stopped by”. These had been the best 5 hours of my life! Joe put me on his email list and wow - look at the names on there! I enjoyed the circle of email for 3 years until Joe was hit by a massive heart attack, and two strokes. He survived - the man is tough - although the doctors never thought he would make it - all three times. He is the best, and nicest, racer on the planet. I`m going back to see him soon...