Mike Walker - 1956 KH

Mike Walker's new bike would be best described as a “Survivor” rather than a “Barnster”.

Iím happy to report two consecutive days riding the KH! Iíve managed to start it a total of 5 - 6 times and a few walking away feeling frustrated. I havenít got down "Starting 101" pat yet, to say the least. However, one of the greatest thrills of my day is rolling up the road on this thing! Tires are old, some tread but not much - might put a new set on. I ordered clutch plates for it too, and filled it up with ethanol–free gas. As you can see, Iím a hair large for it but whoopee!!

“It was Christmas early for me as the KH arrived at my shop late Saturday night. I rolled it in, sat back and started checking it over and it promptly marked itís spot by dripping fork oil all over the floor. The old boy that got it road ready stated he put new seals and fork oil in but they didnít survive the trip from Minnesota to Washington. Went back to the shop Sunday and attempted to get it running without success. Put it up on a lift and, upon closer inspection, found the throttle cable totally seized - no carb action whatsoever, not sure how the guy accomplished the reported road test without throttle but it is what it is. [Mike fixed it with a few minutes' work.]
Generally, the bike is very complete and I like it.”