Old Sportster and K Model Research Group
OSKRG - EAST - 2017

Oley 2017OSKRG-EAST returned to the Perkiomen Chapter's National Swap Meet in Oley, Pennsylvania in late April.

The OSKRG again participated in AMCA “Virtual Judging”. Bob Evans lead the on-site judging team, while Dave Carlton participated remotely from California. The guinea pigs were AMCA Past-President Richard Spagnolli's 1970 XLCH, AMCA Director Peter MacMurray's original paint 1977 XLH, and Doug Sandhafer's original paint 1976 XLH.

“Virtual Judging” uses a smartphone app which provides a two-way audio-video stream. The on-site judges can show an off-site Subject Matter Expert (SME) a feature of a bike, and ask questions. The SME, sitting in his living room 4000 miles away, can provide the on-site team with techical expertise they may not otherwise have.

AMCA Chief Judge Don Dzurick's fumble fingers killed the remote connection several times, but AMCA Executive Director Keith Kizer patiently came to his rescue and restored the connection.

Out in the vending field, the Benazzi Brothers came in from St. Paul, MN, but the Illinois-based Raino Brothers were absent this year. New Jersey Brothers Dr. Dick and Mark were present, and the Dr. showed off his new baby - an original paint 1960 XLCH.

Dave Hennessey's vendor spot is the gathering place for the Harley Hummer Club and the AMCA Highlands Chapter. Notice the little cardboard sign... We need to get an OSKRG banner made up to attract more K and Sportster afficiandos. Besides the pretty next door neighbors, some years you can see Janice Reynold's 1957 XLA two doors down.