The Enthusiast®

Here are the covers of Harley-Davidson's magazine, The Enthusiast, through the K and KH model years. This includes 1957, as 90 KH's were produced that year. Click on the photos to see larger ones.

Note that the September 1951 issue, which features the New 1952 Models, does not show the K – since the K was not announced until January 1952. This late introduction was typical for competely new models - check the March 1955 issue for the late announcement of the 1955 Hummer.

We've put some notes below issues which have some K-model content inside them. Many issues proudly feature factory riders and their racing wins, as the KR racing models were burning up the tracks in the 1950s. Original copies of The Enthusiasts are pretty common on eBay and other auction-type sites, so you can shop for original copies there.

The webmaster's favorite is June 1954:   a boy — a girl — and a KH

1952 Model Year
1953 Model Year
1954 Model Year
1955 Model Year
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1957 Model Year