Sept 2016 - OSK Craigslist Search Turns 1

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Sept 2016 - OSK Craigslist Search Turns 1

Postby hennesse » Sun Oct 02, 2016 1:45 am

The Old Sportster and K-Model Craigslist Search celebrated its First Anniversary.

The above link provides you with a convenient list of EVERY old Sportster or K for sale on Craigslist - anywhere in the United States.

Craigslist provides us with a FREE buy/sell exchange. We provide you a FREE summary for prospective purchasers of Old Sportsters and K-Models.

There ARE good deals out there. Most of the bikes listed on Craigslist are overpriced and cobbled-together. But once in awhile there's a real deal just waiting to be had. You're just going to have to check back there once a week...

Ks and Sportsters For Sale 2016-10-04
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Your Site Admin spent a lot of hours during September 2016 making the Craigslist Search 50% more efficient. In his spare time, he worked on a special one-time project - his Grade School 50th Class Reunion. In what little time that was left, he worked on an actual motorcycle - his 1954 KH. There was nothing left for the website. But that will change.

50% more efficient -- Really ???

Some analysis showed that we were ignoring an opportunity to get 130 results for the work of doing of 100. This required a lot of planning, code-writing, and testing, but EVERY DAY, we get 130 for the price of 100. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Goodbye, Canada. After 1 year of searching the 55 Craigslist sites in Canada, we found one - yes ONE - old Sportster/K for sale. Sorry Canadians/Canadiennes - if you've an old Sporty/K for sale - call us, we won't call you. This gives us about 12% more efficiency.

Q: 30% + 12% = 42% Why do you call it 50% ?
A: In the trade, it's called "puffing". Don't ask.
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