KR, KRT, XLRTT aluminum rims

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KR, KRT, XLRTT aluminum rims

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Here is what is documentable not anecdotal:
1960 KR, KRTT, XLRTT production begins July, 1959.
1960 Sportster Parts Supplement 99451-60 has no listing of aluminum rims. Same for the Sportster showroom brochure and Accessory Catalog.
The 1960 and 1961 KR,KRTT, XLRTT manuals do not mention aluminum rims.
Note from Dick O'Brien to a dealer that the aluminum rims for Sportsters are available June 1, 1960.
1961 KR, KRTT, and XLRTT production begins July, 1960.
1961 Sportster Parts Supplement 99451-61 has a isting of aluminum rims with a -60 part number. No mention in the showroom brochure or Accessory Catalog.
Bulletin to dealers November 9, 1960
Parts available now: 41842-61R brake linings and rivets, 40978-60R KR rear wheel with 18" alum rim, 43008-60R 18" KR alum rim, 43504-60R KR front wheel with 18" alum rim, 43506-60R KRTT/XLRTT front wheel assy with 19" alum rim.
Parts to be available Feb 1, 1961 40977-61R KR rear wheel with 19" alum rim, 40988-61R KRTT/XLRTT rear wheel with 19" alum rim, 43009-61R 19" KR alum rim, 43010-61R 19" alum rim KRTT/XLRTT rear.
"R" Parts Supplement March 1, 1961 adds 43503-61R KR front wheel with 19" alum rim.
The 1963 KR, KRTT, XLRTT manual and brochure both mention steel or aluminum rims as choices. If anyone has the 1960, 1961 and 1962 Dealer Order Forms that feature Sportsters or "R" models please share.
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