Technical: Wiring and Cable Routing
Jim Garrett, Stan Diener, Dave Hennessey

Each section below has the Wiring Diagram and Wiring Diagram Key for that model, and other information we've assembled. For the 1952-1958 models, we have a complete wire identification and wire routing guide. We hope to develop the same information for the other models.

K, KH and early XL, XLH
1952-1956 K, KH
and 1957-1958 XL, XLH
1959-1962 XLCH
1963-1964 XLCH
1965 XLCH
1966 XLCH
1967-1969 XLCH
1959-1964 XLH
1965-1966 XLH
1967 XLH
1968-1969 XLH